What are Netflix's secret codes?

On the site www.netflix.com, you will not find any categories, they are not presented in the navigation. However, Netflix does have secret codes that allow them to classify movies and series in order to present you with recommendations. These codes can be used to navigate directly to the category.

How are Netflix's secret codes created?

It is thanks to a mix of human and artificial intelligence that Netflix categorizes its series and movies.

In other words, Netflix has a lot of employees who are there to watch, evaluate and tag the platform's content to get metadata: the ending of the movies, the plot, the locations, the work of the main characters, to name a few.

Not surprisingly, the amount of recording collected became massive, forcing engineers to step in. Through the magic of algorithms, the content was divided into tens of thousands of different micro-genres, or as Netflix likes to call them, "alt-genres".

Do Netflix codes really work?

Yes, all codes work. Sometimes a code associated with a category may not work because it is either not available in your area or Netflix has decided to change it. We try our best to make sure that all codes on 00449d.com work. Please feel free to report a code that does not work for you

How to Use Netflix's Secret Codes?

To use Netflix hidden codes, follow these steps:

  1. Open your favorite browser
  2. Go to https://netflix.com/browse/genre/_code
  3. Replace the _code_ with the code of your choice (you can find it above on this page)
  4. Press enter to go to the page

There you are on the page with all the movies and series associated to this category. Netflix may ask you to log in before showing you the movies and series associated to this category.